Westside Stories is the official Westside podcast, presented by Graeme Hill, featuring interviews with the cast and crew. It premiered with two episodes on June 22, 2016, almost two weeks after the Series 2 premiere.

Episodes Edit

# Released Guest(s) Length Link
1 June 22, 2016 James Griffin (creator) and David de Lautour (Ted West) 21:26 Soundcloud
2 June 22, 2016 Murray Keane (director) 21:04 Soundcloud
3 June 27, 2016 Maya Bailey (makeup designer) and Jaindra Watson (costume designer) 20:42 Soundcloud
4 July 3, 2016 Michael Hurst (director) 23:45 Soundcloud
5 July 10, 2016 Antonia Prebble (Rita West) and Marty Smith (DOP) 25:11 Soundcloud
6 July 17, 2016 Stu Wilson (rugby player) and Will Hall (Mike McCarthy) 22:02 Soundcloud
7 July 24, 2016 Mark Beesley (producer) 22:12 Soundcloud
8 July 31, 2016 Craig Wilson (art director) 19:09 Soundcloud
9 August 7, 2016 John Minto (political activist) 20:33 Soundcloud
10 August 16, 2016 James Griffin (creator) 14:33 Soundcloud

Episode 1 Edit

with writer James Griffin and David De Lautour.

Episode 2 Edit

with director Murray Keane.

Episode 3 Edit

with make-up and hair designer Maya Bailey, and costume designer Jaindra Watson.

Episode 4 Edit

With director Michael Hurst. Starts with speaking about his play "No Holds Bard," how he got into directing and his experiences with it. He loved working with the aesthetics of the 1980's on Westside, where houses had decorations from the 1960's and there were lots of horizontal lines. Before working on the series he had never watched Outrageous Fortune, and only one episode of Westside. Working on an episode he follows no predefined standard but does what he likes and measures it by his own standard, and says the editors and producers will make it fit with the aesthetic of the rest of the series.

They talk about filming the protest footage of episode 4 and mixing it with the real-life archive footage. Hurst says they looked at archive from TVNZ and the documentary Patu! and he took particular notice of someone dropping an orange smoke bomb, which was "very eye catching." The scenes were filmed in a rugby field in Henderson and surrounding streets. They used basic tricks to create the illusion of a thousand protesters, when in reality there were only a 100 actors on set. The actors were divided into protesters and anti-protest people, and they used the same actors just with different coats on to be out in the streets. For the shot of Dave getting hit in the head with a can, they only needed one take, with Hurst saying they usually only need one take. He talks about the discipline of fast-turnaround television.

He speaks about his own experiences with the Springbok tour, where he protested as part of Artists Against Apartheid.

Asked about his favorite character, Hurst says he loves Rita because he likes what Antonia does with her. He also thought Reef Ireland, who portrays Wolf, was amazing and impressive. He urged listeners to watch episode 7 and 8, which he also directed, because they were really ballsy and dramatic.

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