Series 1 of Westside consisted of six episodes, airing on TV3 from May 31 to July 5, 2015. The series follows the West family through the 1970s, with each episode covering one year, from 1974 to 1979.

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Westside 101 - Wolf Rita

Episode 1 • May 31, 2015
Ted is released from prison in time for the Commonwealth Games of 1974 and has to reclaim his position in the gang. Meanwhile, Rita schemes to keep her secrets buried.

Westside 102 Necklace

Episode 2 • June 7, 2015
The New Zealand General election of 1975. Wolf starts a war with the Doslic neighbours and creates a job opportunity for Ted, while a bored Rita pursues her own career.


Episode 3 • June 14, 2015
During the dawn raids in 1976, Ted rescues a disco dancing overstayer by the name of Falani while Rita takes in Carol after she got the bash from Phineas.

Westside 104 – Rita Parties

Episode 4 • June 21, 2015
In 1977, Rita runs away to a life of party after a revelation that she tried to kill Wolf, while Ted finds a job opportunity through drug trafficker Marty Johnstone.

Westside 105 – Bloody Ted

Episode 5 • June 28, 2015
In 1978, Wolf falls in love with punker chick Anne-Marie. Her father proves useful for Ted's job, but it has an explosive fallout and the Wests take on a new foster child.

Westside 106 – Wolf with the gun

Episode 6 • July 5, 2015
In 1979, Wolf tries to be his own man and rebels, but Ted and Rita both have their own ways to deal with him. Eventually, Rita has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Production Edit

Development Edit

On July 31, it was announced that NZ On Air would provide $4,818,254 in funding for six one-hour episodes of West Side Story produced for TV3.[1]

Principal photography Edit

Westside commenced shooting on Sunday October 12, 2014.[2]

Filming for episode five started on November 26, 2014.[3]

The last day of filming on location was December 15, 2014 at the West House. Following this, there were three studio days.[4] Filming for series one concluded on December 18, 2014.[5]

Reception Edit

According to Nielsen Television Audience Measurement, an average of 5.73% or 240,775 people aged 5+ watched the series.

The series was the most-viewed NZ On Air-funded programme On Demand in 2015 averaging 41,524 streams per episode.[6]

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Notes and references Edit

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