First Appearance: TBC
Last Appearance: Mine Own Room 5.15
Played By: Melanie Jones
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unemployed
Ex-Spouse: Greg (electrician)
Tipene (ex-husband)
Relatives: Sharonne (daughter)
Tarin (son)
Tayla (granddaughter)
Residence: 87 John Mulgan Street, West Auckland

The West Family Neighbour was a fictional character on the TV series Outrageous Fortune. Played by Sciprt Co-ordinator, Melanie Jones, the neighbour is never given a name but makes numerous appearances throughout the series.


Before Outrageous FortuneEdit

The neighbour met and married Greg the electrician, but they later divorced after having two children, Sharonne and Tarin. She then married Tipene the builder but they too divorced, she then had a hysterectomy and is often seen in a dressing gown as she finds it comfortable after the surgery. Tarin had a baby named Tayla but was forced into a meth addiction programme so the neighbour looks after Tayla. The neighbour has had a long running crush on Wolf West and heavily dislikes Cheryl. She finds Judd attractive but does not trust him.

Season FourEdit

When Wolf kicks Loretta out of the house, the neighbour is seen rummaging through her belongings.

Season FiveEdit

The neighbour witnesses Aaron Spiller sing to Pascalle on the street.

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