Wendy was the head of neighbourhood watch in the Wests' neighbourhood. She was married to Brian.

She had sex with Lefty Munroe, who she met when her car broke down, during which she lost her good lingerie. When it was discovered that someone was stealing clothes off washing lines, Wendy used this as an excuse for why her underwear was missing.

In July of 1981, Ngaire Munroe, Carol O'Driscoll and Rita West joined neighbourhood watch because a pervert had attacked Ngaire's daughter in Swan Arch Park. At the time, neighbourhood watch were keeping a watch on the West residence. Wendy was uncomfortable with them joining as she thought of them as criminals and weirdos.

Wendy and neighbourhood watch joined forces with the Wests for a night to weed out the killer in Swan Arch Park. Rita lured Wendy into the forest and said she wouldn't tell her husband about her affair with Lefty if Wendy would turn her neighbourhood watch away from her family. Rita left Wendy, who wandered around the forest terrified. The pervert attacked her, and her screams called the men to the scene. The attacker turned out to be Hamish, who lived over Wendy and Brian's back fence.

When Wendy and Brian came home from a run, they found Rita and Ted West in their living room. The Wests warned them that their house was easy to break in to, and Ted offered to help them out with their latches and locks.

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