Tool Guys
Tool guys
A Season Five promo featuring the Tool Guys


Van West
Aaron Spiller
The Gooch
Yuri Borodovnia
Dimitri Borodovnia


Van West


Loretta West

Line of business


First Appeared

A Jig Or A Tale Of Bawdry 3.16

Last Appeared

Tis So Concluded 6.18

The Tool Guys is a business run and operated by Van West and Munter.

Business overviewEdit

The Tool Guys is a handyman business doing anything from building to fixing and anything inbetween.


The Tool Guys was created by Van West and Munter when they needed money and decided to get a job. Kasey designed the twos pamphlet and shirts and they set about doing business. The brochure was very unclear on the twos line of work and they often got propositioned for sex by people who mistook them for male prositutes. But they soon developed a large market. In Season Four they faced opposition from Rob, but overcame it. Also in Season Four, Loretta West started to manage the two. But she found that they had excess demand so she hired Aaron Spiller and The Gooch. Van and Munter were not happy at this but were forced to train them. Though the Gooch was vastly superior to both of them, they fired the two. But later rehired them. In Season Six, Van took over the managing position from Loretta.


The Tool Guys
From left: Aaron, Van, Munter and The Gooch

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