This is a list of the references to time given in Outrageous Fortune and Westside, which can be used to establish a timeline. This includes dates on letters, calendars, videos and so on, plus mentions of years, character ages, etc.

Outrageous Fortune Edit

Series 1 Edit

Episode 2: "The Rub" Edit

  • Cheryl receives an invoice which is dated 24/04/05, placing the episode in April 2005.

Episode 4: "The Cause of This Defect"Edit

  • Billy (The Kid) Grady West was born in 1987 and died in 2005.
  • Cheryl was 16 when she met Wolf.
  • Loretta is 15 years old.
  • Pascalle is a "couple of years" older than 16.

Episode 6: "But Never Doubt I Love"Edit

  • It's Wolf and Cheryl's 20th marriage anniversary.

Series 2 Edit

Episode 1: "Thy Name Is Woman" Edit

  • The video footage of Kurt's confession tape is dated 14/07/2006.

Episode 4: "This Two-Fold Force" Edit

  • Wolf left school at age 15.
  • Cheryl left school at age 16. Her parents needed someone to help out in the shop.
  • Ted left school at age 13. He was stealing coal off the yards to feed his whole family.
  • Van left school at age 15.
  • Pascalle left school at age 15.
  • At Ted's 16th birthday, Rita gave him a yard glass. She wanted to stay the night and have sex with Ted for the first time, and invited her friend Pat along.
  • It's Loretta's 16th birthday party.

Episode 17: "Wherein Our Saviour's Birth is Celebrated" Edit

  • The family go on a Christmas holiday trip, so it is Christmas.

Series 3 Edit

Episode 12: "Good Friends, as You Are Friends" Edit

  • Wayne Judd receives a cheque dated 12/10/07.

Episode 22: "Where the Offence Is, Let the Great Axe Fall" Edit

  • Gary said he was born is 1971, and went to visit Rita when he was 16 years.

Websites Edit Edit

  • Ted West was born in 1939.[1]
  • Rita was 16 when she married Ted.[1]
  • Wolf West is 11 at the beginning of Westside.[2]
  • Vern Gardiner moved to New Zealand when he was 14.[3]
  • Maria Doslic is 13 years.[4]

References Edit

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