Thy Name Is Woman
Season 2, Episode 1
Loretta gets arrested.
Air date September 5th, 2006
Written by James Griffin
Rachel Lang
Directed by Michael Bennett
Episode guide
Go, Bid The Soldiers Shoot
(Season One)
Think Yourself A Baby

Thy Name is Woman is the first episode of Season Two and the 14th episode overall of the TV series Outrageous Fortune.


The West family is attacked on all fronts by an evil malevolent force...


Early morning at the West house and Judd arrives to make an arrest. This time it’s Loretta.

Meanwhile, Munter runs into a pack of Tongans. He’s got 24 hours to get the money back. Unfortunately, they don’t have the money. Draska had the money, then someone stole it from her – Munter points out they should be talking to whoever took the money from Draska.

At the station, Loretta learns Kurt’s been talking to the cops. Ever since he rooted her sister, he says, she’s had it in for him.

Wolf’s is certain that poor innocent Loretta’s arrest is Judd’s attempt to get at him. Cheryl’s on high alert.

Loretta confronts Kurt. He had no choice – the cops knew everything! Someone’s got it in for her. This leads Loretta to the Lucky Dollar store. Did Van ever tell Draska about her little DVD business? Guilty.

Jethro clues Wolf in: Loretta is no saint. She did it. But he’ll do what he can for her defence – he promises.

Wolf confronts Loretta; crime is the domain of men. Stay out of it.

Furious, Loretta goes for the money she stole off Draska…but Grandpa’s gotten to it first. He can’t believe she’s going to run away. He thought she had more guts than that. Loretta relents. She gives Wolf the money.

Wolf returns the money to the Tongans and suggests they talk to the chick who stole it – Draska.

At the police station the cops have no physical evidence linking Loretta with the DVDs found at the Video Hut. There’s no case against Loretta and Judd knows it.

At the West house, Mr and Mrs Doslic enter. With Draska in tow. Wolf has called everyone together for The Great Reconciliation. Anyone for a scone?

The Doslics air their grievances about Van’s treatment of their sweet virgin daughter, and the Wests reveal the extent of Draska’s troublemaking.

Wolf lets them all get it out of their systems until…

A sulky Draska tells them that she only did what she did because she was so angry that her baby was going to grow up without its father.

In the silence that follows, the news of Draska’s pregnancy starts to sink in – in all its hideous glory.

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