The Gooch
First Appearance: Good Friends, As You Are Friends 3.12
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Karl Willetts
Nickname(s): Goochy
Gender: Male
Occupation: Tool Guy
Relatives: Several Sisters

The Gooch is a friend of Aaron Spiller's.


Season ThreeEdit

The Gooch is shown to be best mates with Aaron Spiller, Nicko and Jimbo. The friends invite Van West to steal a car, take its belongings and burn it. Later they kidnap Falani and when Van argues with them, he too. But Munter and Jethro come and save Falani and Van.

Season FourEdit

The Gooch returns when Loretta hires both him and Aaron as Tool Guys. Van and Munter do not approve and try multiple times to get The Gooch and Aaron fired. But it turns out the Gooch is a qualified builder and is better at the job than them. They get fired, but later rehired.

Season FiveEdit

Aaron and The Gooch get in trouble with Ranger Graeme when they cut down a native tree.

Season SixEdit

Van decides to sell The Gooch some jet skis but The Gooch is dissapointed that they have been stolen by Jethro. Aaron notices Munter is feeling down after the birth of Hemi and he gets The Gooch to disagnose the situation as the Gooch has many sisters and has seen it before. He diagnoses Munter with depression. Together Aaron and The Gooch set about looking after Hemi and Munter. Later, Aaron and The Gooch decide to taste what baby powder milk tastes like. Later on, Loretta and Hayden pay The Gooch and Aaron in sex to refurbish their brothel. Aaron gets Chastity and The Gooch gets an unnamed prostitute. The Gooch is shocked when Loretta announces Van as the Tool Guys manager. The Tool Guys get a happy surprise however when it turns out The Gooch is an accounting and economics whiz and takes over the money side of the business. The Gooch later fetches Elena with the rest of the Tool Guys and Judd. The Gooch is also in the Hemi Chrysler when Van is driven to his wedding. The Gooch serves as one of the groomsmen and is last seen playing the bagpipes and enjoying the afterparty.