The Curse of the Wests was a cautionary tale in the West family to warn them of the consequences of dobbing, inspiring the West rule "Wests never dob." It was told to the West children as a bed time story, often by Ted, who actually believed that one became cursed if they dobbed.[1]


The tale originated with Ted West, who dobbed in his uncle Luther to the police because he would beat up Ted's aunt and owed him money. As Ted recounted, Luther "said the curse and it rained down like shit from a crap toilet."

Ted's little sister got crushed by a coal truck, got knocked up to and married an Irish poofter in 1957. She withered from polio and they were so poor they ate the glaze off the plates. Meanwhile, Luther got 10 to 20 years in prison. Ted claimed to his grandchildren that he was imprisoned for "the Reefton post office."


Outrageous FortuneEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Outrageous Fortune — "Contagious Blastments"

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