Suzy Hong
First Appearance: The Rub 1.02
Last Appearance: By A Brother’s Hand 2.12
Played By: Jo Davison
Spouse: Mr Hong
Relatives: Jasmine Hong (daughter)
Xavier Hong (son)
Tracy Hong (step-daughter)
Suzy Hong is the wife of Mr Hong and mother of Jasmine and Xavier Hong.


Season OneEdit

Van has sex with Suzy in her backyard while doing work for her. At the time he does not realise she is his employers wife. They continue to have sex in multiple places until one day she refuses to talk to him but soon reveals she is pregnant and that she only had sex with him because Mr Hong's sperm did not work and she wanted children. Van is hurt by this but carrys on working. Suzy insists Van must not tell Mr Hong.

Season TwoEdit

By Season Two, Suzy has given birth to a baby girl, Jasmine Hong. No one has yet clicked that it is not Mr Hong's child even though it has no Asian features. Suzy propositions Van that he give her another baby but Van goes away to think. Jethro sneaks in pretending to be Van and has sex four times with Suzy. When Van arrives Suzy refuses sex as she is so tired.

Later LifeEdit

In Season Three, Mr Hong reveals to Van that he and Suzy have broken up as she had an affair with a pilot. Mr Hong becomes depressed and alcoholic because of this. In 2009 it is revealed that the two have gotten back together and are living in Hong Kong with their two children, Jasmine and newly-born Xavier.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Jo Davison Who portrays Suzy Hong in Outrageous Fortune, also makes an appearance in Westside. However she portrays the hotel owner, whom gives a room to Carol when she leaves Phineas.