Steven Brownlow
First Appearance: Thy Loving Father 6.10
Last Appearance: Blood And Judgment 6.17
Played By: Geoffrey Dolan
Gender: Male
Age: 30 in Season Six
Occupation: Community Constable
Spouse: Judy Brownlow (wife)
Relatives: Eddie Brownlow (adopted son)
Hayley Brownlow (adopted daughter)
Residence: West Auckland

Steven Brownlow is a community constable and adoptive father of twins Eddie and Hayley Brownlow.


Early LifeEdit

Steven and his wife, Judy were desperate for children, and adopted a pair of twins from their midwife friend, who said that the twins had been born to a teen.

Season SixEdit

Steven's car was stolen by Van West and torched to honour Van's mother. (What A Rash And Bloody Deed Is This)

Judd later tracked Steven down in his search for the twins. Van met Steven and Judy and they agreed to let Van take the twins sometimes. (Thy Loving Father)

Steven later shows remorse to Judd when he hears that Cheryls trial is coming up soon, he was disgusted when he learnt that Gerard could be such a bent cop. Steven organises a meeting with Judd at The Rusty Nail and sneakily hands him files on Gerard. These files eventually get Cheryl off the murder charges.

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