South African supporters, often referred to as simply South Africans or by the derogatory term yarpies, refers to the South Africans who came to New Zealand during the Springbok tour in 1981.

History Edit

The supporters arrived in New Zealand in the week of July 13, 1981.[1]

Westside 2x03 – Protesters vs Supporters

The supporters fight protesters from the anti-tour movement

Jaanie, Keppler and two others stayed at a motel in Gisborne and visited a lion safari park in Massey on their way there. They were bringing a large amount of money into the country, but did not bring it with them personally as they were worried about getting it through customs. After their arrival in Gisborne, the supporters went to the Gisborne Bar and Grill where they ended up in a confrontation with protesters from the anti-tour movement.[2]

Individuals Edit

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References Edit

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