Sonya Stephens
First Appearance: The Secret Parts Of Fortune 3.17
Last Appearance: The Secret Parts Of Fortune 3.17
Played By: Catherine Wilkin
Gender: Female
Ex-Spouse: Vern Gardiner (ex-husband)
Partner: Rochelle Stephens (daughter)
Stevie Stephens (grandson)

Sonya Stephens is Rochelle Stephens' mother.


Early LifeEdit

Sonya had a child named Rochelle Stephens. She later met a man named Vern Gardiner and they married and lived in a plot of land called Isengard. It was a nudist camp and everyday orge. Sonya later divorced Vern and started writing a book about her experiences.

Season ThreeEdit

Jethro West as Verns lawyer visits Sonya to discuss her book which could affect Verns political campaign. Sonya agrees to meet with Vern and his other ex wives to discuss the book. They all fall under Verns charm again and Sonya agrees to stop production of the book.

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