The Smith & Caughey's job, often referred to as the "Smith & Caughey's cock-up" due to it's outcome, was a stint undertaken by Ted West and his crew Lefty Munroe, Bert Thompson, Bilkey van Heeder and Phineas O'Driscoll in Christmas 1970. They broke into Smith & Caughey's and knocked a hole in the wall to get into the jeweller's next door. There, Ted cracked open a safe containing a large sum of krugerrands — South African gold coins — which they transferred into their van outside.

They went back inside Smith & Caughey's to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, Ted and Lefty's wives Rita West and Ngaire Munroe made away with the van containing the krugerrands, wanting to secure themselves insurance as crime wives. Shortly after, the cops arrived at the scene, taking them all prisoner. It was not known who informed the police. Bert Thompson three months inside, the least amount of time. Ted West did the longest, serving three years and being released in 1974.

The wives kept their krugerrands and never revealed the true story to their men. Rita buried her share in the garden.


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