Series 4 of Westside is in production and expected to premiere some time in 2018.

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Series 3 aftermath Edit

  • In a heated argument with Rita, Cheryl revealed that she is pregnant with Wolf's child.
  • Mike McCarthy, having fucked over the Wests, quit his job with the police and wanted to get Ngaire and her girls out of West Auckland.
  • Wolf was taken to court to enter a plea on a charge of armed robbery.

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# Title Writer Director
1 James Griffin
7 Michael Hurst
8 Michael Hurst

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In July 2017, NZ On Air provided $6,543,500 in funding for 8 episodes of Westside series 4. In September, they provided an additional $1,166,500 for 2 more episodes, bringing the funding to a total of $7,710,000 for 10 episodes.[1]

Michael Hurst, who directed four episodes of both series two and three, will return to direct the seventh and eight episodes of series four.[2]

Filming began on November 20, 2017.[3]

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