Series 4 of Westside is in production and expected to premiere some time in 2018.

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  • In a heated argument with Rita, Cheryl revealed that she is pregnant with Wolf's child.
  • Mike McCarthy, having fucked over the Wests, quit his job with the police and wanted to get Ngaire and her girls out of West Auckland.
  • Wolf was taken to court to enter a plea on a charge of armed robbery.

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[[Image:{{{image}}}|220px|Episode 1]]
"Episode 1" Monday 9th of July 2018
Directed by: Murray Keane - Written by: James Griffin - Viewers: {{{viewers}}}
Time on the inside puts Cheryl and Wolf on trial. Phineas’ manhood gets in the way of manning up. McCarthy strays far from the thin blue line. In remand hell, Wolf has a taste of what a relationship would be like from the inside, and it’s sour. Pregnant and alone, Cheryl is rattled hard when Trish lays down a thinly-veiled threat, causing her to second guess her man. To aid Wolf’s legal fund, Rita has the young gang out pillaging, but the boys’ laziness keeps them closer than comfort to home. Having realised he’s shooting blanks, Phineas has been spreading his useless seed far and wide. Feeling guilty, he makes Carol an unlikely offer that she may not be able to refuse. At Wolf’s trial, it’s the bad guy that swoops in for the final countdown.
[[Image:{{{image}}}|220px|Episode 2]]
"Episode 2" Monday 16th of July 2018
Directed by: Murray Keane - Written by: Kate McDermott - Viewers: {{{viewers}}}
The gang gets roped into the silly season. Ngaire comes home and she’s brought gifts. Cheryl’s Christmas cheer turns deadly. While Cheryl is bent on spreading the Christmas spirit, the West’s superstitions keep them grinches. But with the threat of everyone de-camping to Trish’s for the celebration, Rita puts in an effort. Despite Ted’s holiday misgivings, the gang do a job, proving him right. But what it lacks in reward it makes up for in the risqué. Eric rediscovers on old theft which incites an infatuation over the fence. Carol is second guessing her romp with Bert, but he’s keen and he’s got beans. When Jeanette turns up Cheryl is touched. But as Rita’s suspicions prove right, Cheryl loses it and lashes out. Ngaire appears, bearing gifts, and hoping to find room at the inn.
[[Image:{{{image}}}|220px|Episode 3]]
"Episode 3" Monday 23rd of July 2018
Directed by: Murray Keane - Written by: Shoshanna McCallum - Viewers:
Wolf holds Cheryl back from the edge. Rita suffocates in a full house and seeks help from a potential threat. Ted’s future looks crime-free and hopeless. Cheryl and Wolf have set up camp at Tutaekuri Bay, where Wolf nurses Cheryl back to the land of the living. Back at home, Rita puts the pressure on Lefty to make sure there are less bodies under her roof. When he doesn’t deliver, Rita is forced to play girlfriend/boyfriend with Danny Peters. Ted is dark about his future in safe cracking, and turns to lady luck. Crossing paths with a deadly stranger makes Cheryl question life and death, and it takes saying goodbye to finally more forward. But when Wolf offers his heart, Cheryl lays down some conditions.
# Title Writer Director
1 James Griffin Murray Keane
2 Kate McDermott Murray Keane
7 Michael Hurst
8 Michael Hurst

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In July 2017, NZ On Air provided $6,543,500 in funding for 8 episodes of Westside series 4. In September, they provided an additional $1,166,500 for 2 more episodes, bringing the funding to a total of $7,710,000 for 10 episodes.[1]

Michael Hurst, who directed four episodes of both series two and three, will return to direct the seventh and eight episodes of series four.[2]

Filming began on November 20, 2017.[3]

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