Series 3 Episode 4 is the fourth episode in the third series of Westside, and the twentieth episode in total. It aired on Three on July 31, 2017.

Commentary and analysis Edit

Cultural references Edit

  • The Invasion of South Georgia
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost

Timeline Edit

The raising of the Argentine flag in South Georgia, which happened as part of the 1982 Invasion of South Georgia, is reported on the news. The raising of the flag took place on 19 March, meaning this episode takes place soon after this date.

Outrageous Fortune connections Edit

  • Beth Allen portrays the newsreader on televsion in this episode. She previously portrayed Chantelle Lazenby, Pascalle's model friend/enemy, in the Outrageous Fortune episode "My Dearest Foe", season one episode eight.
  • The story of how Wolf and Cheryl met has been recounted several times in Outrageous Fortune. Cheryl first told Jethro about it in series one episode six: "The Cause of This Defect".

Continuity errors Edit

  • When Cheryl recounted how she and Wolf met in the Outrageous Fortune episode "The Cause of This Defect", she said he came in to get a packet of Winfield cigarettes, but we see in this episode that he's stealing packets of Rose.

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