Series 3 of Westside consists of eight episodes set to premiere in 2017.

It will be set in the summer of 1982 and see the introduction of a young Cheryl West in the series.[1][2]

Setting and plot Edit

The series will be set in the summer of 1982.[2]

One of the key storylines this series will be the entry of young Cheryl West.[3]

Episodes Edit

# Title Writer Director
1 Episode 1 Kate McDermott
3 Michael Hurst
4 Michael Hurst
7 Michael Hurst
8 Michael Hurst

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NZ On Air confirmed on August 2, 2016 that they would provide up to NZ$6,583,500 in funding support for a third series consisting of eight episodes and revealed that it would be set in 1982 – "the year of the catchphrase Think Big." Chief Executive Jane Wrightson of NZ On Air stated: "The Wests and New Zealand in the 80’s provide such a rich bed for a drama it would be difficult to resist seeing where the writers can take us next. We are thrilled to support this well-made, quintessential kiwi drama again..." [1]

NZ Herald revealed on August 13, 2016 that a young Cheryl West would be introduced in the series, with the entry of the character being one of the series' key storylines. Creator and writer James Griffin said: "The thing with Westside is there are certain timelines and storylines that are predetermined, thanks to Outrageous Fortune. The story of young Wolf meeting young Cheryl is one of these things."[3]

 Just as for the previous two series, Eliot Naimie continued as the "car wrangler" for the show. A "car-sting call" searching for vintage cars from 1982 and earlier was posted on social media, asking people to submit a photo of their car to be featured on the show.[8]

Casting Edit


Elizabeth Dowden with the script for episode 1.

Hundreds of hopefuls auditioned for the role of Cheryl West, but the producers had still not made a decision about who would portray her when the series started filming on October 30. Producer Mark Beesley said: "We need someone with recognisable qualities that Robyn Malcolm brought to the role" and that "We don't want an impersonation of Robyn... A good actor will own the part and her entrance to the show will be a surprise."[2]

The producers kept the identity of the actress who got the role as 16-year-old Cheryl hidden. On-set pics of an actress in bed leaked and NZ Herald Spy revealed that the actress was either Jessie Lawrence, Lily Powell or Elizabeth Dowden.[9] Dowden earlier posted a photo of herself with the script for episode 1 on Instagram, proving that she was at least starring in the series.[10]

Production Edit

Filming Edit

Filming for series 3 started on October 30, 2016.[11] Shooting took place from Sundays to Thursdays every week.[8]

Michael Hurst returned to direct episodes 3, 4, 7 and 8 of series 3, just like he did for series 2.[12] He started pre-production on his episodes in the week of October 24.[13] Filming of episodes 3 and 4 started in the week of November 14.[14]

Scenes featuring golfers were filmed on 13 Knox Road, Swanson on the 22nd of November. Scenes featuring punkers and rebellious teens partying were filmed on the 24th, 28th and 29th of November and the 12th of December. Scenes featuring Doslic henchmen were filmed in Eden Terrace and Swanson on the 29th and 30th of November. Scenes featuring Mrs. Falani were filmed on Eden Terrace on the 29th of November.[15]

Additional scenes featuring Doslic henchmen were filmed in Henderson, Swanson and Te Atatu (West Auckland) on the 24th, 25th and 29th of January and 1st of February.[16]

Elizabeh Dowden filmed her final scenes on January 25.[17] Filming of episodes seven and eight was completed in the first week of February.[18] Production wrapped on February 2, 2017.[19]

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