First Appearance: Make Mad The Guilty And Appal The Free 6.04
Last Appearance: Make Mad The Guilty And Appal The Free 6.04
Played By: Roimata Fox
Gender: Female
Partner: Debz
Relatives: Shaylenne (cousin)
Residence: Prison

Scary Mary was a prison inmate.


Season SixEdit

Scary Mary is introduced as a ferocious woman at the prison Cheryl West is in awaiting trial. Mary is bullying new girl Debz. Cheryl stands up for her but this only results in Mary and her gang having a vendetta against Cheryl. Cheryl finds out that Mary is bullying Debz because Debz's boyfriend is having an affair with Marys cousin. Cheryl breaks the news to Debz who does not react well. Cheryl later discovers that Mary is a lesbian and after fixing her problems with Debz, the two are dating.

Scary Mary is found guilty of the charge she was in jail for and is taken to a womens prison.

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