Rochelle Stephens
First Appearance: The Cause Of This Defect 1.04
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Roz Turnbull
Gender: Female
Occupation: Works at Hoochie Mama
Partner: Lloyd Draper
Relatives: Stevie Stephens (son)
Unknown child
Sonya Stephens (mother)

Rochelle Stephens is a friend of Cheryl West's.


Early LifeEdit

Rochelle was bought up by her mother Sonya and four other women in the peaceful nudist fields of Isengard as they were all wives to Vern Gardiner. Vern took Rochelles virginity at the age of 14. When Sonya and Vern broke up, Rochelle and her mother moved back into the big smoke of Central West Auckland.

Season OneEdit

Rochelle first appears in Outrageous Fortune at the wake of young Billy Grady West. She feels sorry for the boys father Eric and takes him home to have sex with him. He doesnt put out though and they fall to sleep. Rochelle later joins in the Hoochie Mama business that her best friends Cheryl and Kasey start.

Season TwoEdit

Rochelle continues her work at Hoochie Mama but now Rochelle can not drink as she is pregnant. When Loretta gets expelled from school, Rochelle and Kasey speculate that she is a lesbian. When a man trys on Hoochie Mama and severly cuts his testicles, Hoochie Mama have a photo shoot with him. A very pregnant Rochelle poses alongside him. When Hoochie Mama is in consideration to be sold, the girls take a limo to a high profile restuarant. But Rochelles water breaks inside and she and Kasey rush off to hospital. Rochelle has a son, that she names Stevie, and whom she brings over to the West House, which is about to have a big party.

Season ThreeEdit

Rochelle attends an action packed event for the Wests when Pascalles fiance Bruce Khans sister Linda Khan arrives in town with all the girls getting treated to brazillians amongst other things as part of Indian Tradition. Rochelle later passes the controversial Love sock as new Hoochie Mama lingerie. When Jethro West is called upon to be Vern Gardiner's lawyer, he was not coped for what he should expect. Vern is running for a political position in West Auckland but he needs to stop a women called Sonyas book getting published as it is about his civilisation in Isengard. Jethro later finds out Sonja is Rochelles mother and he finds out the full extent of the story. Rochelle thinks Jethro handled the situation badly but forgives him when everything turned out alright. Rochelle later attends Munter and Kaseys wedding as one of the Brides Maids.

Season FourEdit

Rochelle is disgusted when Kasey tries to set her up with Cheryls son Van West. Kasey and Cheryl notice that Rochelle seems like she is seeing someone. Soon it is revealed she is dating none other than Lloyd Draper the dweeby banker. Rochelle later spots old flame, Vern Gardiner with Loretta and she is shocked to tell Cheryl the startling news. Rochelle stands with Lloyd through his tough financial times and she encourages him to take up boxing. A few episodes onwards, the couple announce Rochelle is pregnant. Rochelle is devastated when Lloyd is suspended from his job. In the midst of Lloyds many issues, he stabs a sign of himself, annoyed at the smiling face. But Pascalle decides to donate some of her fortune into Lloyds new business of lettuce growing and Rochelle and Lloyds relationship grows solid again. Rochelle attends Ted and Ngaires wedding and is disgusted to see Sheree and Van attending as a couple.

Season FiveEdit

Rochelle is scared when Cheryl tells her that her job may be at risk as they are taking price cuts. When the girls disagree with how Jethro handles the company, they plan to break in and ramsack the place but find Jethro has already changed the locks. Rochelle helps take Cheryl to the hospital when her water breaks and is devastated when Tama Judd is stillborn. Rochelle later attends Loretta and Haydens wedding and Lloyd acts as the celebrant.

Season SixEdit

Rochelle and Kasey find that working at Hoochie Mama is alot more boring since Jethro took over and spend their days watching porn. Jethro assigns them the job of getting money from customers yet to pay. They successfully do this and so Loretta and Jethro both rush to sign their skills to a contract with Jehtro eventually winning and becoming the two womens manager. The company gets called Booty Call and the girls get assigned to getting a man named Quentin to return one of his cars. He mistakes them for prostitutes though and Rochelle snorts cocaine with the man. Rochelle begins to start getting addicted to the drug and returns to the mans house, where he holds her hostage. Kasey comes to her rescue though but her water breaks, so Munter arrives, knocks out Quentin and saves the day. Rochelle helps Kasey give birth to a healthy boy named Hemi Mason.

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