For the owner of the champagne club, see: Robby

First Appearance: Bow Stubborn Knees 3.15
Last Appearance: As Much Containing 4.03
Played By: Jack Lockhart
Gender: Male
Relatives: Danielle (mother)

Robbie is the son of Danielle.


Season ThreeEdit

When Jethro West spends a night at his new girl Danielle's house, he is shocked to find she has a young son. But Robbie and Jethro get on well.

Season FourEdit

Robbie continues to like Jethro and seems happy when Jethro announces he is moving in. Unfortunately, Danielle is forced to move, when Nicky Greegan's men go after her to seek revenge on Jethro and Robbie leaves with her.

Later LifeEdit

Danielle takes Robbie to Nelson to be closer to her parents. The two revert back to Danielle's maiden name.

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