First Appearance: The Rub 1.02
Last Appearance: The Rub 1.02
Played By: Phil Brown
Occupation: Photographer

Rene was Pascalle's photographer in 2005[1].


Season OneEdit

Rene is introduced as a photographer who Pascalle West is employing to take photos for her modeling portfolio. However, Rene is charging Pascalle a hefty price for the photos. Pascalle offers to give Rene a blow job, but he wants 'the full sack of spuds', and tries to drug her. However, Pascalle drugs him instead and he wakes up tied to the bed. Pascalle forces him to tell her where the photos are, by threatening to shoot him in the testicles with a stapler gun. When she discovers it is empty, she leaves him tied to the bed, despite his pleas that his cleaner doesn't come until Monday. (The Rub)


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