Reef Ireland is a New Zealand–born actor raised and residing in Australia. He portrays Wolf West in season two and three of Westside.

Biography Edit

Reef was born in New Zealand, where he grew up with his parents and siblings.[1] He moved to Australia when he was seven or eight. Though he calls himself an Australian, he still has New Zealand citizenship and passport.[2]

In between acting jobs, Reef works in a Melbourne truck factory where his father works as well.[2]

Westside Edit

Reef was at the Toronto Film Festival promoting the film Downriver and was asked to audition for the role of Wolfgang "Wolf" West on his way back from Toronto to Los Angeles. Reef was a "huge fan" of Outrageous Fortune and when he got the offer, he thought "I can't turn this down."[2][3]

He had 24 hours to submit a tape, so he rehearsed for the role on the plane and got help from an Australian friend to create a tape when he landed in Los Angeles. By the end of the same week, he was packing his bags to go to New Zealand.[2]

Reef got the opportunity to meet Grant Bowler, who played the grown-up Wolf in Outrageous Fortune, for a couple of hours before going to New Zealand. Bowler gave him a few pointers about the character, but reminded Reef that he was playing a different character: "It's a younger Wolf, it should be a different Wolf – he's in his prime."[2]

Filmography Edit

Film Edit

Year Title Role
2007 Gravediggers Lewis Chambers
2008 Blessed Orton
2009 South Solitary Tom
2009 Summer Coda Lachlan
2011 The Wildling Malcolm
2013 Rat Tale Dillon
2013 Fell Sammy
2014 Strangeland Travis
2015 Downriver James

Television Edit

Year Title Role
2008 AAMI "Headlight" Hero Boy
2009 Rush Series 2 Caleb
2009 City Homicide Damon Haynes
2008–10 Tangle Ned Dougherty
2010 Bed of Roses Series 3 Jed
2011 Killing Time Jason Ryan
2012–13 Puberty Blues Bruce
2012 Mr. & Mrs. Murder Chris Bassett
2012–14 Wentworth Brayden
2013 Miss Fisher's Murder Tinker
2015–17 Westside Wolfgang West
2016 Trip For Biscuits Tosh

Radio Edit

Year Title Role
2014 Murdoch University Voiceover

Awards and honors Edit

Reef has been shortlisted twice for the Australians in Film Heath Ledger Scholarship.

Year Award Nomination Result
2015 Asia Pacific Screen Academy Best Actor Nominated
2016 Film Out San Diego Outstanding Emerging Talent Won

External links Edit

References Edit

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