Ray Judd
First Appearance: The Power To Charm 5.14
Last Appearance: They Bleed On Both Sides 5.17
Played By: George Henare
Gender: Male
Relatives: Wayne Judd (son)
Deleesha Judd (daughter)
Numerous other children
Tama Judd (grand-son, deceased)

Ray Judd is Wayne Judd's father.


Early LifeEdit

Ray had Wayne when he was relatively young with his wife. They later divorced and Ray went onto numerous relationships. Wayne was very bitter at Ray over this. Ray had numerous children with the youngest, (Deleesha) being born in 1993.

Season FiveEdit

Ray is introduced in season 5 when Van is forced to stay with him after Sheree Greegan informs everyone that he is a nark. Cheryl, Wayne and Munter go to pick Van up and find that he has made the best of friends with Ray. Ray seems very nice but Wayne warns Cheryl that he is not what he seems. Ray invites them to stay for dinner but the family decline until Deleesha steals the car and they are forced to. Wayne finds out his father is planning to move and the two argue. Eventually they forgive eachother and Wayne takes Deleesha back to the West House. Ray is last seen a few episodes later saying how sorry he is Tama Judd has died.