Ranger Dennis
First Appearance: They Bleed On Both Sides 5.17
Last Appearance: They Bleed On Both Sides 5.17
Played By: John Wraight
Gender: Male
Occupation: Former Department of Conservation worker at Tutaekuri Bay

Ranger Dennis was the DOC worker at Tutaekuri Bay. He appeared in hallucinations Cheryl West suffered in Season Five.


Early LifeEdit

Dennis was the DOC worker at Tutaekuri Bay and he lived at a nearby shack. In 1984, when Cheryl and Wolf West's baby Helena West died, they drove to Tutaekuri Bay to spread her ashes. Dennis approached them and told them not to do it, but Wolf yelled at him and he allowed it. It is unknown how much longer he worked at Tutaekuri Bay after this but he handed the reigns down to Ranger Graeme.

Season FiveEdit

Cheryl imagines Dennis when her baby, Tama Judd dies and she starts hallucinating. She thinks he really is there, as he was the ranger who was there the day her first baby died.

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