Quentin Bates
First Appearance: The Power To Seduce 6.05
Last Appearance: When Both Contend 6.06
Played By: Tim Balme

Quentin Bates was an associate of Bailey Wilson


Season SixEdit

Jethro West gets his company Booty Call (consisting of Kasey and Rochelle) to pay Quentin a visit when a car company informs them that Quentin has a car that belongs to them. Quentin welcomes the girls into his house as he believes they are prostitutes and Rochelle snorts cocaine with him. But the girls run away when he learns of their true intentions. Quentin tells his lawyer Bailey Wilson that the car was stolen but Bailey shows Jethro where the car alongside other 'stolen' vehicles are hidden, and asks Jethro to sell them so the money can be given to Quentin when he is released from prison. (The Power To Seduce)

Later, Rochelle went back to visit Quentin as she knows he has good drugs; however, he won't let her leave the house and she calls Kasey to help her. Kasey arrives and then goes into labour. Munter arrives, knocks Quentin out, and delivers his and Kasey's baby Hemi. Quentin is later seen be led away by police, most likely on drug charges. (When Both Contend)

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