First Appearance: The Infants Of Spring 1.05
Last Appearance: The Infants Of Spring 1.05
Played By: Andrew Foster
Nickname(s): Bilbo
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ex owner of The Video Hut
Residence: Lifestyle Block

Pete was the original owner of The Video Hut.


Season OneEdit

Pete is introduced as the hippy owner of The Video Hut where Kurt works and Loretta hangs out most of the time. He is rarely in the Video Hut except for when he is collecting the money from it. He refuses to hire Loretta even though she basically works there as he can not afford it. When Loretta gets captured in the building when Sparky sets it alight, she realises that Pete is hard for money and attempted to burn down the Video Hut for insurance. Loretta blackmails Pete telling him she knows this and he eventually sells her the business.