"Our Poison'd Chalice" is the fourth episode in the first series of Westside. It premiered on TV3 on June 21, 2015.

In this episode, set in 1977, Rita runs away from her family when a dark secret from her past is revealed to Wolf. Tapping into her dark side, she lives a life of drugs and partying.

The episode is set in 1977, with the Marty "Mr Asia" Johnstone drug deals as the historical backdrop.

Plot synopsis Edit

In December 1976, Lefty and Phineas have beaten up Bert after he informed on the gang to Mike McCarthy and the lads are in the pub discussing whether they did the right thing or not. Rita, on her end, has visited Bert with a box of her infamous lamingtons. Mike McCarthy breaks the news to the lads that Bert is in the hospital, an inch away from death, after eating a lamington laced with rat poison.

Ted recognizes Rita's work and goes home to confront her. She does not regret her actions and thinks he deserved to die after narking. Ted thinks Rita is irrational and acting like a mad-woman and brings up how she tried to kill Wolf when he was just a baby, fearing that she might be ill again. Wolf has overheard their heated argument and asks why Rita tried to kill him. Rita breaks down and Ted brings Wolf back to bed, meanwhile Rita drives off down the road.

Four months later, in March 1977, Phineas is in charge of The Galleria and not turning a profit, having paid more for used items than they would have cost new and spent some of the cash on clothes for his meeting with Carol, who he thinks wants to take him back. Ted gets a call from Wolf's school because Wolf told his maths teacher to fuck off and walked out of school. Ted tries to put Wolf in his place, but Wolf says how Ted doesn't even know where Rita is.

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Timeline Edit

The episode opens in December of 1976. A Christmas tree in the West house indicates that it's around Christmas time.

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Themes Edit

  • Rita tried to kill Wolf when he was just a baby. Ted did not understand it and fears that she might be acting irrationally when she tries to kill Bert. (Mental illness)

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  • Wolf says it's been two months since Rita ran away, though the dates displayed on the screen are December 1976 when she ran away and March 1976 in the present time.

General notes Edit

Appearances Edit

Characters Edit

  • Bilkey van Heeder
  • Lefty Munroe
  • Phineas O'Driscoll
  • Ted West
  • Rita West
  • Bert Thompson
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Wolf West
  • Carol O'Driscoll

Locations Edit

  • Western Arms
  • West house
  • The Galleria

Vehicles Edit

  • Rita's car, blue

Items Edit

  • Lamingtons