Oh Horrible! Most Horrible! is the eighth episode in the third season

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Synopsis Edit

Oh Horrible! Most Horrible!
Season 3, Episode 8
Air date 4th september 2007
Written by Kate McDermott & Rachel Lang
Directed by Britta Johnstone
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I dare damnation
Hell has no fury like a Loretta scorned, and Cheryl works to reunite the world’s most perfect couple


Plot Edit

Loretta goes to hayden house where there is candles lit hayden tells her that her she is now a film director the film was sold to a chinese distributor which means it won't show in nz but still all right cause she has a copy. The next morning when she spills a bottle of juice on the ground she goes looking in the cubards for something to clean with she finds other different copies of her film that was turned in to a porn film. She watches it then hayden comes out of the bath seeing her watch she gets angry at him and he tells her that her version was not selling the chinese distributor didn't like it so he changed it to a porn film she breaks up with him and seeks revenge on him.

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