Neighbourhood watch was a group of civillians in Ted and Rita West's neighbourhood who were devoted to protecting the neighbourhood from crime and vandalism. Meetings were hosted at Wendy and Brian's house, with Wendy serving as their leader. They were supported by the police, with Mike McCarthy actively involved in meetings.

History Edit

In July of 1981, neighbourhood watch had meetings about the theft of clothing from washing lines around the neighbourhood. Included in the disappeared clothing were a pair of Wendy's knickers. In addition to this, they were keeping a regular watch on the West family living at 85 John Mulgan street due to the family's reputation as criminals and the children living in the house.

Rita West, Ngaire Munroe and Carol O'Driscoll attended a meeting at Wendy and Brian's house, where they revealed that a pervert had attacked Ngaire's daughter Chelsea in Swan Arch Park. They assumed this was the same person stealing clothes from washing lines. Due to Rita West's precense, Wendy skipped over item three on the agenda; keeping a watch on the latest comings and goings at 85 John Mulgan street. Neighbourhood watch believed the pervert to be Sparky, one of the children at the West house, who Wendy referred to as the retarded one.

On Mike McCarthy's initiative, neighbourhood watch teamed up with the Wests and their associates to lure the pervert out of Swan Arch Park on a Tuesday night. Rita West confronted Wendy about the latter's agenda against Rita's family, and threatened to expose her infidelity with Lefty Munroe unless she pointed her neighbourhood watch elsewhere. Eventually, Wendy was attacked by the pervert and it was revealed to be Hamish, her and Brian's neighbour. He was beat up and brought into custody.[1]

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References Edit

  1. Westside Series 2 Episode 3

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