Nadine Kronk
Nadine Kronk
First Appearance: All My Sins Remember'd 5.01
Last Appearance: We Will Our Kingdom Give 5.06
Played By: Sarah Owen
Gender: Female
Age: 25 in Season Five
Occupation: Chemist
Residence: Rehab

Nadine Kronk was an acquaintance of the West Family.


Early LifeEdit

Nadine attended Shadbolt High School and was Jethro West's only friend. She was known to be extremely nerdy and have a severe stutter. After leaving High School, Nadine got a degree in Chemistry and got rid of her stutter.

Season FiveEdit

Loretta is shocked to see how much Nadine has changed when she buys into the party pill business that Nadine, Hayden and Jethro are starting up. Nadine created the pill and she suspects it will be a great seller. She starts a relationship with Hayden. Halfway through the season, it is revealed that Nadine has gone to rehab after she became addicted to the party pill.

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