First Appearance: Bow Stubborn Knees 3.15
Last Appearance: Bow Stubborn Knees 3.15
Played By: Geraldine Brophy
Gender: Female
Occupation: Irish Dancing Teacher

Mrs. Haggerty was a fictional character on the TV series Outrageous Fortune.


Before Outrageous FortuneEdit

Mrs. Haggerty took up a job as an Irish Dancing teacher and taught the likes of Loretta and Pascalle West and Chantelle Lazenby. She did not like Loretta as she ran away at a national competition, crushing Mrs. Haggertys dreams. She liked Pascalle however. After she stopped teaching the Wests, she bought a shop.

Season ThreeEdit

Loretta finds the perfect location for Video Hut 2 – but unfortunately it’s owned by the fearsome Mrs Haggerty, her former Irish Dance teacher, who loathes Loretta. She sends Pascalle to try and sign up the lease, but Mrs Haggerty is onto her in a flash. Loretta is forced to confront her nemesis. Mrs Haggerty is delighted to see that Loretta is pregnant and uses this against her. She still hasn’t forgiven her wayward pupil for crushing her dreams and running out on the Under Nine Nationals in 1998. Loretta smarts at the implication that a baby will slow her business plans, but finds Pascalle agrees. Feeling that time is running out, Loretta’s determined to get this shop – but finds the only way that Mrs Haggerty will agree is if she does the dance she was meant to do at the fateful competition. So Loretta, refusing to be beaten, does the dance: a gruelling battle of wills as Mrs Haggerty demands perfection. In the end, Pascalle calls a halt to this travesty, and Mrs Haggerty finally allows Loretta to take her shop.

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