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Mr Smail
Mr Smail
First Appearance: Slings And Arrows 1.01
Last Appearance: Foul Deeds Will Rise 1.07
Played By: Charles Unwin
Occupation: Secondary School Teacher at Shadbolt High School

Mr Smail was Loretta West's teacher at Shadbolt High School.


Season OneEdit

Mr Smail was one of Loretta West's teachers while she was in Year 11 at Shadbolt High School. When Cheryl came to collect Loretta from school to take her to Jethro's capping ceremony, Mr Smail was teaching the class about stem and leaf plots, implying he was Loretta's maths teacher. (Slings And Arrows)

However, Mr Smail later caught Loretta in the corridor on one of her rare trips to school and informed her that she had an English speech, implying that he was her English teacher. Loretta later steals his car. (Foul Deeds Will Rise)