Monica Judd
First Appearance: The Fat Weed That Roots Itself 1.10
Last Appearance: Thinking Makes It So 4.01
Played By: Kate Louise Elliott
Gender: Female
Occupation: Policewoman
Ex-Spouse: Wayne Judd (ex-husband)

Monica Judd is a fictional character on the TV series Outrageous Fortune. She was introduced as the ex wife of Wayne Judd and was one of the main antagonists of Season Three.


Season OneEdit

Monica is first introduced at Cheryl West's Hoochie Mama show. Monica orders a large batch of the underwear for her and the other police girls. Cheryl is disgusted to learn she is the wife of Wayne Judd who Cheryl strongly disliked. But later Cheryl talks to Judd and finds out he and Monica are divorced.

Season ThreeEdit

Monica next appears in season three after she learns that Judd and Cheryl are dating. She makes it her duty to make their lives hell by arresting the Wests for any small crime. She arrests Judd for lightly pushing her which breaks his probation and sends him to prison. Monica goes to see Eric asking for information on Cheryl which he does not tell her so she told him that she spread rumours that he is a nark forcing him to leave the city, while in reality she did not.It is unlikely Monica is working with Wolf to get at Cheryl and Judd. It is a coincidence Monica wants to get at them at the same time as Wolf.

Season FourEdit

Monica arrives to the West house after Loretta calls her as Cheryl is holding her hostage. But Monica makes no arrests and leaves. Monica later shows up at Waynes business. She is investigating Ted West digging up someones drive way. When she hears that Judd is no longer dating Cheryl she makes moves on him. This is her last appearance so far.

Later LifeEdit

Monica developed a crush on the new Detective Seargent Zane Gerard and when he rebuffed her advances, she spread rumours that he was gay. Monica left West Auckland due to this being found out. Monica has moved to Palmerston North.

Detective in Charge of the West Family
2007 - 2008
Preceded By
Wayne Judd
Succeeded By
Zane Gerard