Milton Delaney III
First Appearance: Thinking Makes It So 4.01
Last Appearance: The Edge of Husbandry 4.02
Played By: Michael Saccente
Reason Left: Died in Pascalle's arms
Nickname(s): Milt
Gender: Male
Spouse: Pascalle West (wife)
Relatives: Milton Delaney (father)
Milton Delaney (grandfather)
Nationality: American

Milton 'Milt' Delaney III was Pascalle West's husband.


Early LifeEdit

Milt, the owner of the Sunset Channel, a huge American Television corporation, views Pascalle West's small home made videos over the internet. In season three, he flies her over to America to discuss a TV show they could make about the shorts.

Season FourEdit

Pascalle arrives back in New Zealand with Milt. She reveals to her family that she and Milt are now married. Wolf is disgusted as Milt is older than him. But Milt generally gets on with the family, mainly Van. The following episode, the family learns Milt and Pascalle have not yet had sex as Milt has very high blood pressure and it could in theory kill him. Milt is shown to want to be intimate with Pascalle but scared. Milt hears via phone that a hurricane is heading towards his home village in America and he tells Pascalle he will leave soon but be back. When Wolf learns high blood pressure can kill Milt, he takes him to an R18 strip club along with Falani. But Pascalle is the only women Milt loves and he does not get attracted to the strippers. When Milt arrives back, he tells Pascalle he wants to have sex with her and he is willing to risk death. A happy Pascalle hugs him, only to discover that he has died. In his will, he leaves Pascalle a huge fortune.

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