First Appearance: But Never Doubt I Love 1.06
Last Appearance: Foul Deeds Will Rise 1.07
Played By: Jane Collins
Gender: Male
Occupation: Ex Career Criminal

Margaret (previously known as Mark) was a friend of Ted West.


Early LifeEdit

Mark was the protege of Ted West and learnt everything there is to know about safe cracking from him. The two were caught on a job together and were cell mates at Mt Eden Prison. Mark escaped however and started to disguise himself as a women and changed his name to Margaret.

Season OneEdit

Margaret goes to The Video Hut to get out a DVD. Ted West spots her and follows her home. She recognises him and the two share words over a coffee. They start to date and attend bowl games. In reality they are setting up a job to steal money from the bowls club. Margaret wants the money to fund her retirement. After some words from Loretta, Margaret breaks it off with Ted.

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