Amanda "Mandy" Miller was the daughter of dairy owners Dave and Trish Miller and the younger sister of Jeanette and Cheryl.

She was infamous for her escapades with men, earning her the nickname "Mandy the Mauler." Her nephew, Jethro West, brought her in to Auckland from Australia in an effort to break up her sister Cheryl's relationship with Wayne Judd.


Early LifeEdit

Mandy was born to Dave and Trish Miller and was the younger sister of Jeanette and Cheryl. In 1982, Mandy's parents bought a dairy in West Auckland where Mandy and her sisters would work.

Adulthood Edit

As Mandy grew up, her parents would not let her go out with men and so she made up for it when she became an adult and slept with as many men as possible, including the likes of Eric, Sparky, Falani, Munter and Cheryl's husband Wolf. To avoid breaking up Wolf and Cheryl's marriage, she never admitted to having sex with Wolf, but unbeknownst to Mandy, they were spotted by a young Pascalle and Jethro West .

Season SixEdit

Mandy was brought over to New Zealand from Australia by Jethro as part of Jethro's plan to break up Cheryl and Judd. Upon her arrival, Grandpa, Sparky and Eric all rushed to meet her, in the hope she would sleep with them; however, she focused her efforts on Judd. Grandpa let slip that Jethro had brought Mandy over to Pascalle, and Pascalle furiously confronted Mandy, forcing her to reveal the truth. Aaron Spiller took Mandy away and they slept in his car that night. (Let The Door Be Lock'd)

Appearances Edit

Outrageous Fortune Edit

Westside Edit


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