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Outrageous Fortune is New Zealand's longest running drama series and Westside is a prequel set in the 1970s - both shows were created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin. The shows follows the antics of the West family, a criminal family from West Auckland. Please help this wiki by editing and creating articles, anyone can do it!

Outrageous Fortune and WestsideEdit

This wiki is for fans of Outrageous Fortune and Westside to come together to create and edit pages about the show. Because this is a wiki, anyone can create and edit pages, and your help would be greatly appreciated, so don't be shy! A good place to start would be creating some Wanted Pages.

Tis So Concluded 1
Tis So Concluded - Season Six, Episode Eighteen

On This Date

Today is September 4. These episodes originally aired on this date:

Hell has no fury like a Loretta scorned, and Cheryl works to reunite the world’s most perfect couple.

The following Outrageous Fortune actors have September birthdays:

Today: Friday, 4 September

Episode: When The Blood BurnsEdit

Season One, Episode NineEdit

Van starts a race war and Jethro realises he lacks the ability to say 'sorry'.


Pascalle West


Pascalle challenges Linda to a game of strip pool while Draska watches on.

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