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Outrageous Fortune is New Zealand's longest running drama series and Westside is a prequel set in the 1970s - both shows were created by Rachel Lang and James Griffin. The shows follows the antics of the West family, a criminal family from West Auckland. Please help this wiki by editing and creating articles, anyone can do it!


Now on Westside

Westside the gang
Series 1 is available on New Zealand streaming service Lightbox.
Westside2 The wives
Westside Series 2
Series 2 started filming in September, is currently in production and set to air in 2016. Read more...


  • Filming of Westside Series 2 has wrapped and is in post-production. Read more...
  • Dean O'Gorman stars in Westside Series 2 as a corporate high-flier. Read more...
  • Westside premiered on Australian channel 9Gem in December. Read more...
  • Laura McGoldrick joins the cast of Westside as a guest star. Read more...
  • 22 year old Reef Ireland joins the cast of Westside as the latest incarnation of Wolf West. Read more...

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