Lloyd Draper
First Appearance: Think Yourself A Baby 2.02
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Scott Harding
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lettuce Grower
Former Banker
Partner: Rochelle Stephens
Relatives: Unnamed Child

Lloyd Draper is Rochelle Stephens' husband.


Season TwoEdit

Lloyd first appears when Cheryl, Kasey and Rochelle wish to take out a loan from the bank for Hoochie Mama and Lloyd is sent. At first it seems that Lloyd will aprove the loan, but Wolf West comes out into the room showing off his ankle bracelet and Lloyd panickly leaves and denies the loan. Lloyd later appears at The Rusty Nail when Van asks for a loan to buy a house. Lloyd declines the loan, but after a few cocktails, suggests ways Van could succed in his attempts at securing one.

Season ThreeEdit

Lloyd appears when Cheryl takes out a loan from him to repay Gary Savage. Lloyd was later the minister for Kasey and Munters wedding.

Season FourEdit

Wolf and Sheree apply for a loan from Lloyd and the rest of the West Family are shocked to discover that Lloyd is Rochelles mystery man. Lloyd takes up boxing at Nickys gym with Wolf as his trainer. It is not long before Lloyd gets Rochelle pregnant. Loretta West and Nicky rob Lloyd bank and frame Wolf. Lloyd gets suspended from his job, he goes on a downward spiral and starts to drink heavily. Lloyd sees a billboard of himself and attempts to destroy it. Later, Lloyd gets a new line of business when Pascalle West invest money in his Lettuce growing. Lloyd later appears as the minister for Ted and Ngaires wedding.

Season FiveEdit

Lloyd makes one appearance as the minister at the wedding of Loretta and Hayden.

Season SixEdit

Lloyd appears in the final episode as the minister at Van and Elenas wedding. Lloyd features in the final scene, dancing with his love Rochelle.

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