Linda Khan
First Appearance: No Noble Rite 3.09
Last Appearance: No Noble Rite 3.09
Played By: Madeleine Sami
Gender: Female
Relatives: Dr. Bruce Khan (brother)
Nationality: Pakistani

Linda Khan is the sister of Bruce Khan.


Season ThreeEdit

Linda arrives to West Auckland from London to meet her brother, Bruce's fiance, Pascalle. She instantly does not get on with Pascalle as she tries to make the day very Muslim orientated. Linda tricks Pascalle, Cheryl, Rochelle, Kasey, Draska and Loretta into getting a pubic wax as she claims it is Muslim tradition. Cheryl confronts Linda who admits she is not a Muslim she just thinks it is funny to put them through this. Cheryl agrees to go along with it and Pascalle is forced to have a colonic irrigation. Once Pascalle is finished, the truth comes out, annoying Pascalle deeply. All the women decide to go drink at The Rusty Nail instead. There, Pascalle confronts Linda asking why she did it, to which she is told that Linda does not think Pascalle is right for Bruce. Pascalle and Linda get very drunk and compete at strip pool but when Linda loses and is about to strip, Munter kicks them out. They go to another bar, where Draska yells at Linda for being so judgmental. Linda admits that the reason Pascalle is not right for Bruce is because she is far too fun for Bruce. The two call a truce. Linda then sees Jethro at a table and calls him. She tells him she finds him very attractive and the two have sex.

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