Kurt Walminster
First Appearance: Slings And Arrows 1.01
Last Appearance: Thy Name Is Woman 2.01
Played By: Dane Dawson
Gender: Male
Occupation: Junior Account Manager
Kurt Walminster was a colleague of Loretta West's. In Season One, Kurt was Loretta's only friend, as they shared similar interests, particularly film. However, Loretta didn't understand why Kurt couldn't get over his feelings for her sister. Loretta eventually lost respect for him when she found him rooting Pascalle and by Season 2, she had no problem with letting Kurt take the blame for her crime.


Season OneEdit

Kurt first appeared in season one as Loretta's only friend and fellow employee of The Video Hut. Kurt had a huge crush on Loretta's older sister Pascalle West and even took photos of her for her portfolio. Kurt and Loretta planned to make a movie together. Kurt helped Loretta in her huge illegal DVD market that she set up in the Video Hut selling movies not to be released for months. Kurt later attends Van and Draska's wedding.

Season TwoEdit

Kurt admits to the police everything about the illegal DVDs and Loretta is arrested. But Loretta makes it out that it was all Kurt and nothing to do with her and she watches as Kurt is driven away in the back of a police car to sentencing.

After Outrageous FortuneEdit

In 2009 it is revealed that Kurt is putting his criminal past behind him and is working at a up and coming advertising firm as a junior account manager and that he directed the successful TV ad about a girl that looks similar to Loretta getting hit by a car. He was praised for his gritty realism.