Kilda Norris
First Appearance: A Good Child And A True Gentleman 4.06
Last Appearance: Desperate Undertakings 6.15
Played By: Unknown actress
Gender: Female
Occupation: Works at the BBQ Factory
Partner: Barry Gibbs

Kilda Norris is the partner of Sparky.


Early LifeEdit

Before Eric's escape to Palmeston North, Kilda would often visit him in The Galleria and rub herself up against the ovens.

Season FourEdit

When Baby Jane goes missing, everyone's fingers are pointing. But it turns out Sparky had her and was using her to pick up women at the playground. It was there he met Kilda. He got on well with her and they started to date.

Season FiveEdit

It is revealed that Sparky was arrested for kidnapping Kilda and that they are no longer dating but Sparky insists they are. Sparky escapes prison to visit her and goes to her house.

Season SixEdit

Kilda is seen at The Rusty Nail watching the Waitakere Cup.