Karla Mason
First Appearance: I Dare Damnation 3.07
Last Appearance: Where The Offence Is, Let The Great Axe Fall 3.22
Played By: Christina Asher
Gender: Female
Relatives: Jared Mason (son)
Hemi Mason (grandson)
Residence: Coromandel

Karla Mason is Munter's mother.


Early LifeEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Munter, seeing that Van is very depressed after the death of Aurora, decides to take him to the Coromandel to stay with his mother. Karla is delighted to see the boys. Van trys to drink alcohol in the house but Karla is a recovering alcoholic and Munter does not allow it. That night, Munter gets very stoned. He can not move his body and witnesses Van making moves on Karla. Karla begins to drink alcohol again, that night Karla and Van have sex. Munter is disgusted the next morning and yells at Van. Then Munter throws Van outside and punches him over and drives away leaving Van in The Coromandel . Karla kicks Van out, disgusted how he treated her son. Karla later appears at Munters wedding.

In Season Six Munter tells Van he considers Cheryl more of a mother than Karla ever was.

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