Joyce Hong was the mother of Mr. Hong and Tracy Hong's grandmother. She lived in an unhappy marriage with Neville until she ran away to Henderson with half of his money to start a life with the love of her life, Mr. Hong senior.


1980s Edit

Joyce lived in New Zealand with her husband, a wealthy man named Neville. Joyce was not happily married, with her husband saving all his money and getting drunk at the pub before going home to pass out every Friday night.

One Friday night in 1982, Neville brought home Lefty Munroe, a man he befriended at the pub. When Neville had passed out, Joyce had sex with Lefty.

Lefty later returned with Ted West and broke into Neville's house in an attempt to rob his money. The pair were caught by Neville, but Joyce knocked him out and helped them find the money in exchange for a 50% cut. Joyce traveled back to Henderson, Auckland with them, where she planned to marry a man named Hong and use Neville's money to start many great businesses.

Life in Henderson Edit

Joyce married Hong and they went into business and made their fortune together. They went on to have at least one child, a son, who would continue their business.

Elder years Edit

Joyce lived in a house with her son, Mr. Hong, her daughter-in-law Suzy and granddaughter Tracy.

Van West and Munter broke into the household, thinking the Hongs were away. Joyce found them robbing the house and attacked Van, leaving him with a black eye. She broke her ankle in the process and was put in the hospital.

Appearances Edit

Outrageous Fortune Edit

Westside Edit

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