For the core cast member and daughter of Cheryl West and Wolf West, see: Loretta West

Loretta West
First Appearance: This Two-Fold Force 2.04
Last Appearance: Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons 2.14
Played By: Holly Shanahan
Gender: Female
Occupation: Film Director

Loretta West (formerly known as Jools) was an acquaintance of Loretta West.


Season TwoEdit

Jools is introduced as a young homeless, Loretta West lookalike. She is a scrungy girl who seeks solace at the Video Hut as she loves films and it is a nice place to stay. Loretta constantly kicks her out, but when Loretta gets enrolled in a Catholic school, she sees her resembalance in Jools and she hires Jools to pretend to be her and go to school for her. Cheryl West is pleased when she sees Jools as she thinks Loretta is getting new friends but is dissapointed that she may be in a lesbian relationship with Loretta as suggested by Kasey and Rochelle. Jools enters the schools swimming team and does well which annoys Loretta as Cheryl finds out and Loretta is not good at sport. Loretta forces Jools to leave the team. Later, Jools enters the short film competition with a film called Jandal about how Jools got molested as a child. The Wests see it and are shocked as they think Loretta was raped. Loretta gets angry at Jools, but Jools announces some big news. Jools has been contacted by Oscar Winning director Peter Jackson who was interested in her short film Jandal. Jools has been hired to be a stage hand on a big budget hollywood film. Loretta objects saying she is Loretta West and thus she will go instead, but Jools reveals that she has legally changed her name to Loretta West and with that she leaves West Auckland for Wellington.

Later LifeEdit

Loretta enjoys success on the film and came to Peter Jacksons attention. She then attended several short film festivals with her short film Jandal and then directed a sequel titled Thong. She was then labelled 'one to watch'. Loretta now has a feature film in development. Early reviews have entusiastic feedback.

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