First Appearance: Wherein Our Saviour’s Birth Is Celebrated 2.17
Last Appearance: Wherein Our Saviour’s Birth Is Celebrated 2.17
Played By: Tina Regtian
Gender: Female
Spouse: Kees
Relatives: Luke (son)
Matthew (son)
Dave (father, deceased)
Trish (mother, deceased)
Cheryl West (sister)
Mandy (sister)
Helena West (niece, deceased)
Jethro West (nephew)
Van West (nephew)
Pascalle West (niece)
Loretta West (niece)
Tama Judd (nephew, deceased)

Jeanette is the older sister of Cheryl West and Mandy.


Early LifeEdit

Jeanette was born to Dave and Trish, two West Auckland dairy owners. She has two younger sisters named Cheryl and Mandy. In her teenage years, Jeanette started dating a man known as Wolf West. But Wolf was clearly more attracted to Cheryl and the two started an affair. By the time Jeanette found out, Cheryl was pregnant. Jeanette got very upset and started to despise her sister. When Cheryl and Wolfs baby Helena West was stillborn, Jeanette laughed at Cheryl and said it was her fault for stealing Jeanettes boyfriend. Jeanette then left for Wairapa where she joined the Exclusive Brethren. She then married Kees and later gave birth to twins; Luke and Matthew.

Outrageous Fortune: The MovieEdit

The movie opens with Jeanette escaping Wairapa and the Exclusive Brethren on a tractor. She arrives at the West House and dumps the tractor on the fton yard. The Wests are getting ready to leave to Tutaekuri Bay for their annual Christmas holiday. Cheryl is very angry to see Jeanette and does not allow her to come on holiday with them. But Pascalle, Cheryls daughter, feels sympathy for Jeanette and gives her some of Cheryls clothes and takes her to the Bay in her car. Loretta sells the tractor to Falani. Jeanette and Cheryl do not get on during the trip and none wish to reveal why. Jeanette gets very drunk as she has not drunken alcohol in years and she roots Eric. But they do not finish as Eric starts calling out Cheryls name during climax. Jeanette later stays away from Eric when Pascalle tells her that he is a sexual predator. Jeanette reveals to Pascalle that she dated Wolf back when she was young and that Cheryl stole her off her. When Jeanette insults Helena West infront of Cheryl, Cheryl punches her in the face. Cheryl later tells Pascalle the truth about Helena and that Jeanette laughed at her for dieing, Pascalle gets so upset she punches Jeanette. As the movie progresses, Jeanette and Cheryl start to feel the christmas spirit and when Judd returns, the two talk and laugh and reminiss over the campfire. Jeanette later returns to her family.


Cheryl WestEdit


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