Jasmine Hong
First Appearance: Get Thee To Bed 2.11
Last Appearance: Get Thee To Bed 2.11
Played By: Hart Hansen
Gender: Female
Age: Born 2005
Relatives: Van West (father)
Suzy Hong (mother)
Xavier Hong (brother)
Cheryl West (grandmother)
Wolfgang West (grandfather)
Rita West (great grandmother)
Ted West (possible great grandfather)
Vern Gardner (possible great grandfather)
Jethro West (uncle)
Brandon Gibbs (uncle)
Pascalle West (auntie)
Loretta West (auntie)
Hayden Peters (uncle)
Jane West (cousin)
Eddie Brownlow (cousin)
Hayley Brownlow (cousin)
Residence: Hong Kong

Jasmine Hong is the daughter of Van West and Suzy Hong.



In Season One, Suzy Hong, desperate for children yet not able to concieve as her husband Mr Hong has infertile sperm, tricks Van West into impregnating her without any strings attached and so that Mr Hong believes its her child. Suzy gets pregnant and tells Van to leave but that she may want another child some other day.

Season TwoEdit

When the Hongs visit the West House after Tracy Hong is kidnapped by Eric, Van is forced to see his newly born daughter Jasmine. Van tries not to look at her in the eyes as he thinks he will love his child too much and want to see her grow up. Van is shocked to learn he and his family must look after the baby for a while as the Hongs fear she will be kidnapped. Aurora starts to look after the baby and forces Van to look into her eyes. Van can not do it and confesses to Aurora that Jasmine is his child. Aurora is surprisingly happy about the situation and glad that Van had the guts to tell her. Jasmine is later given back to the Hongs when Tracy returns.