Jane West
First Appearance: Where The Offence is, Let The Great Axe Fall 3.22 (born)
Last Appearance: Tis So Concluded 6.18
Played By: Stella King
Nickname(s): Baby Jane
Gender: Female
Age: 3 in Season Six
Relatives: Loretta West (mother)
Hayden Peters (father)
Bernadette Peters (aunt)
Justine Peters (aunt)
Helena West (aunt, deceased)
Jethro West (uncle)
Van West (uncle)
Pascalle West (aunt)
Tama Judd (uncle, deceased)
Cheryl West (grandmother)
Wolfgang West (grandfather)
Danny Peters (grandfather, deceased)
Theodore West (great-grandfather)
Rita West (great grandmother, deceased)
Dave Miller (great grandfather, deceased)
Trish Miller (great grandmother, deceased)
Jasmine Hong (cousin)
Xavier Hong (cousin)
Hayley Brownlow (cousin)
Edward Brownlow (cousin)
Residence: West House

Jane West was introduced in the Season Three final when she was born to Loretta West and Hayden Peters.

Character HistoryEdit

Season ThreeEdit

After the majority of the season being pregnant, Loretta gives birth to her baby in the West House bathroom, with Van by her side.

Season FourEdit

In the first episode of season 4, Loretta has been barred from leaving her room, having attempted to take Jane to the adoption agency without Cheryl noticing.

Season FiveEdit

Jane gets on with Lorettas new boyfriend Ranger Graeme and he gets on with her, taking her to an animal farm. Though Graeme and Loretta do not last long. After the death of Tama Judd, Hayden and Loretta get back together. They seek more control over Jane from Cheryl. Cheryl does not allow them to and suggests they get married and they can have full custody of Jane. They do just that and Jane and her parents become a family.

Season SixEdit

Jane is expelled from her preschool after hitting a child on the head with a plastic hammer. Though it later turns out that it is because Hayden and Loretta own a brothel. Pascalle talks to the headmistress Sophie, who agrees to let Jane back in, but Loretta declines the offer. Jane appears in the final episode as Van and Elena's flower girl.

Jane is last seen dancing with Loretta and Hayden in the West house living room.

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