"Instruments of Darkness Tell Us Truths" is the third episode in the first series of Westside. It premiered on TV3 on June 14, 2015.

The episode takes place during 1976. The New Zealand dawn raids, where illegal overstayers from the Pacific Islands would have their homes raided by police, serves as the historical background event.

Summary Edit

Ted and Rita both champion good causes: a disco dancing overstayer and a mouse who needs to roar.

Rita doesn’t take kindly to Phineas giving Carol the bash, as Ted’s latest payroll job in South Auckland is interrupted by cops. Ted finds they’re not after the gang, they’re deporting overstayers in Dawn Raids. Rita takes in Carol, as Ted takes on a homeless disco dancing overstayer by the name of Falani and champions his cause.

But their good works backfire - as Mike becomes suspicious about why Ted’s been in South Auckland, and Carol’s newfound recklessness threatens to rebound on Rita and Ngaire. Rita attempts to contain the damage, as Ted seeks justice for Falani, and a way to complete the heist…

Cast Edit

  • Antonia Prebble as Rita West
  • David De Latour as Ted West
  • Dan Musgrove as Lefty Munroe
  • Esther Stephens as Ngaire Munroe
  • Will Hall as Mike McCarthy
  • Todd Emerson as Bilkey
  • Pana Hema-Taylor as Bert Thompson
  • Xavier Horan as Phineas O'Driscoll
  • Sophie Hambleton as Carol O'Driscoll
  • Liam Ferguson as Wolf West
  • Patrick Tafa as Falani
  • Teuila Blakely as Talita
  • Josephine Davison as Lois
  • David Fane as Falani Senior

Trivia Edit

Josephine Davison starred in Outrageous Fortune as Suzy Hong. David Fane, who originally portrayed the grown up Falani in Outrageous Fortune, returns to portray Falani Senior, the father of his original character.