First Appearance: A Little More Than Kin 1.03
Last Appearance: When The Blood Burns 1.09
Played By: Erroll Shand
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lawyer
Residence: Apartment

Hugh was a colleague of Jethro West's.


Season OneEdit

Hugh is an obnoxious lawyer who despises Jethro West and does not believe that Jethro is Māori. He is very rude to women and constantly sexually harasses Jethro’s assistant Savannah. He steals a folder that Jethro urgently needs for a presentation the next day. Jethro realises this and invites him out for drinks, bringing Savannah as bait. While they are having drinks, Van and Munter break into Hugh’s apartment to retrieve the folder. As the night goes on, Savannah gets sick of Hugh’s advances and when he gets drunk, she leaves. Munter watches some of Hugh’s porn and is shocked to learn that Hugh is gay. They ring Jethro and inform him. Hugh starts to make advances towards Jethro and comments on his bottom. Hugh wakes up the next morning in a park, severely hung-over. He arrives at work to find Jethro has the folder. Hugh later makes a minor appearance.

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