Helena West
Helena West
Cheryl West spreads Helena's ashes
Off-Screen Character
Gender Female
Age Born 1984
Relatives Cheryl West (mother)
Wolfgang West (father)
Jethro West (brother)
Van West (brother)
Pascalle West (sister)
Brandon Gibbs (half brother)
Loretta West (sister)
Tama Judd (half brother, deceased)
Mandy (aunt)
Jeanette (aunt)
Gary Savage (uncle)
Kees (uncle)
Luke (cousin)
Matthew (cousin)
Trish (grandmother, deceased)
Dave (grandfather, deceased)
Theodore West (possible grandfather)
Rita West (grandmother, deceased)
Vern Gardiner (possible grandfather)
Jasmine Hong (niece)
Xavier Hong (nephew)
Jane West (niece)
Eddie Brownlow (nephew)
Hayley Brownlow (niece)

Helena West was the daughter of Wolfgang West and Cheryl West. She was stillborn.

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